Divorce in Absentia (بيل الغيابية)

If you have received a letter stating your husband is divorcing you بيل الغيابية or in absentia, read this.

While most Muslim countries still accept this form of divorce, Texas courts will likely not accept this divorce as final. The courts here request the party being divorced to receive some sort of due process. A chance to respond. A chance to fight for what the party believes is their right.

I always remind clients that divorce happens and it happens often. It will be ok. Each person can go their separate way. However, each party still deserves what is rightfully theirs.

So if you receive a letter of divorce in absentia (بيل الغيابية), you can still file for divorce in your state.

Thankfully, some Arab countries have accepted a judgment found in your favor in the state you have filed. However, this judgment is limited to what gold you owned and also a possibility of any money that is found in specific accounts. It can get complicated. With help from your attorney in your state and an attorney in the state of the divorce in absentia, you can get your rights.