United States Immigration Status and Facts

Immigrants are estimated to make up 23% of Texas labor force. It is tough to know who the current back lash is directed towards. Is it the Mexicans? El-Salvadorians? Or anyone who speaks Spanish grouped into just one category? Is the Arabs? Chinese? It really does not matter too much.

Immigrants are also estimated to make up 12 million of the United States population.

We also just received approximately 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan. We also received around 75,000 Ukrainians are expected to be eligible for temporary protection status, according to The Washington Post.

The USA is, and forever will be, a place for all people to seek and build a safe home in. A safe home for their families and for themselves.

There are so many ways the United States has which allows for resettlement. There are asylum applications, marriages and adjustment of status’, various investment visas and more.

Immigration is a vital part of our society. There are many ways to become part of our immigration in the United States. Call our office to see how you can file to stay in the USA or to see how you can bring your family here to stay with you.


Najla Abu-Shaaban,

Attorney & Counselor Law